What is Digital Transformation?

Technology companies are often guilty of pushing buzzwords around like their paycheck depends on it. “Digital transformation” is one such term that has gone through different iterations of meaning and usage over the past two decades.

Currently, here’s the working definition of digital transformation we use with our clients:

Digital transformation is adapting your business to customer needs with innovative people, processes, and technology.

Many people think digital transformation is simply using digital technology to complete old tasks in new ways. This will provide incremental gains, not transformation.

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Your Customer is Always First

For each process, system, and role in your organization, it’s beneficial to think about it from your customer’s perspective. This requires an outside-looking-in approach. This isn’t you looking out at the customer trying to assign them to categories. It’s thinking about your business as an outsider would view it.

Outside Looking In

If you have silos in your business where departments don’t or can’t communicate, your customer isn’t going to care. When a customer looks at your business, they see it as one entity. You have to make it count.

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